Field Notes – 22nd September 2010

Field Notes

22nd September 2010

We started the day at Anjana Chouraha. Took a procession through the market – songs, slogans, speech. About 50 – 60 people attended. Collected Rs. 50. people evinced great interest in the statistics reg. rising prices, and Govt. salaries.

Next halt: Devgarh
Here we joined a group of people protesting in front of the Tehsil office, against illegal occupation of common land adjoining their villages. They listened to our presentation with rapt attention and made the single largest contribution by any group – Rs. 271! There were about 50 people in this group.
Made another presentation in the market area – songs, slogans, speech, and a puppet show. Collection Rs. 35. few people attended because of the hot sun.

Next halt: Taal
Took a procession through the market – songs, slogans, speech by Narayan Singh. Collection Rs. 116; about 110 people attended. Got lots of signatures on our banner for support of our demands.

Next halt: Toddgarh
Had a very good meeting here. Around 130 people attended. Took a procession through the market – songs, slogans, speech by Tej Singh, Narayan Singh. Pupet show by Punna Ram. One NREGA mate complained that wages ranged from Rs. 60 – 69, and were delayed on average by six months. Total collection: Rs. 289. All collections monitored diligently by Chaitanya, with help from others!
Had tea at Tej Singh’s place!

Night halt: Devdungri

– Aditya Vikram Rametra, A volunteer with MKSS in the yatra travelling in Rajsamand, Bhilwara and Pali

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