Field Notes – 18th September 2010

Field Notes

18th September 2010

Woke up early at 5 a.m. and went to ‘Maharaja Umaid Mills’, a textile mill employing over 6,000 employees. Their salary: Rs. 80 – 160 per day, depending on seniority. Although not directly linked to NREGA themselves, nearly all the workers had come from rural areas and were both aware and interested in issues concerning: Min. wages, NREGA unions, and linking wages to inflation. Almost 250 people attended our morning session, where we performed a play, sang songs and made speeches. Total collection: Rs. 150.

Left Pali at 11 a.m after breakfast.

Next stop: Nadol
Procession, speech by Lal Singh, collecting signatures. People said they receive on avg. Rs. 70 per day for NREGA. An angry young man (some sort of a local leader) made a fiery speech against NREGA corruption and low wages. Collection: Rs. 62. around 60 – 70 people.

Next stop: Desuri
Puppet show, speech and statistics presentation by Paras . Collected Rs. 125. Gathering of 100 people or so.

Our truck broke down en route to Majera (near Kumbalgarh).

– Aditya Vikram Rametra, A volunteer with MKSS in the yatra travelling in Rajsamand, Bhilwara and Pali

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