Field Notes – 16th September 2010

Field Notes

16th September 2010

Started the day in Jwaja market around 11 a.m. sang songs, made a speech, and did a play. Collected Rs. 75. 30 – 40 people attended.
• Started getting people’s signatures on a cloth. (Continued subsequently and diligently by Chaitanya).
• Some volunteer addresses noted for Jaipur Dharna (continued subsequently by Bhairu Lal, and others).

Next destination: Soratha Chouraha
Received large complaints about NREGA (late payment, low wages). Quite a few people volunteered to attend Jaipur dharna. Collected Rs. 144. enthusiastic crowd (70 – 80). Speeches by Lal Singh and Paras; sang songs. Puppet show by Punna Ram.

Stopped at Kabra, Kotda, and Ramgarh en route to distribute pamphlets.

Next stop: Sendhra
Few people. Stopped on the highway. Had free tea from Rajasthan Patrika journalists. Some press coverage. One strong supporter of BJP in the audience spoke against Congress and NREGA.

Next stop: Bar chouraha
Puppet show at the bus stand. Speech by Paras; sang songs. Large gathering (50 – 60). Some heated discussion with a govt. teacher, local leaders reg. NREGA work quality, discipline. Collected Rs. 75. Some people couldn’t sign the cloth, and asked if they could attest their thumb impressions?

Next stop: Raipur
Took a procession for around a Kilometer through the market and mohallas. Songs, slogans, speech by Paras and Lal Singh. Good response by people (90 – 100 people). Collected Rs. 146.

Night halt: Kalakot.
Great food & chaas! Great audience at 10 p.m. near the temple (around 100 – 120 people), who sat in silence and complete attention for over 2 hours. Speech, songs and 2 plays. Some people complained of NREGA low wages, and erratic payments.

– Aditya Vikram Rametra, A volunteer with MKSS in the yatra travelling in Rajsamand, Bhilwara and Pali

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